There’s something about Mary…

Workaround HR started with me, Mary…

My HR career began by accident when, as a school leaver, I applied to the Prudential for a job – any job. I had no idea what I wanted to do work-wise, so if it hadn’t been for the in-house recruiter Valerie, my career could have taken a very different turn! It turns out, I have a lot to thank Valerie for…

I remember my first day vividly. There was I, inexperienced but enthusiastic, being introduced to the (slightly intimidating) HR Director for the first time. His words of advice were to work hard and keep learning if I wanted to stay relevant to employers. What great advice it turned out to be!

The lesson was learned when a few years later, the Pru closed the satellite office I worked in, and all staff were ‘put at risk’. Whilst HR’s role was to facilitate the change and support the staff, the decision impacted our jobs too and the experience informed my ideas about the role HR should play in supporting business, and the wider interests of the people who work for them.

I took the HR Director’s advice to keep learning. I’m a Chartered Member of the CIPD, I honed my listening and questioning skills to pass the Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies, I got technical when studying for the Advanced Certificate in Employment Law, and am still a sponge for new information with my sights set on future learning and skills development.

Having been an employee for over 25 years, I turned the page in 2016 and set up my own company. I’d built a close network of HR professionals that I’d worked with and admired over the years. Why not see if we could pool resources and work together again as our own HR Department? The vision is the same, but shared, and with a mix of associates, all with our own but complementary areas of expertise, Workaround HR can collectively, offer our clients more.

We look forward to working with you.