Which part of the people puzzle can we help you with?

Turnaround services and solutions are designed to save you time and enhance business, team and individual performance and include…

Strategy and Programme Development

  • Developing a People Strategy and the programmes to support your strategy
  • Resource Management
  • Change Management (restructures, redundancy etc.)
  • Employee Value Proposition to support talent management (including attraction, engagement and retention)

HR Policy Development

  • Reflecting legal and regulatory requirements
  • Managing business risk

Process Re-engineering

  • Process mapping
  • Identifying process improvements

Recruitment and Selection

  • Drafting job descriptions and person specifications
  • Creating job specific competence-based interview questions

Performance Review Programmes

  • Appraisal

Organisational Development

  • Culture, including values, competencies and behaviours
  • Employee engagement
  • Flexible and agile working reviews

Standard Forms and Document Templates

  • Leaver acknowledgements
  • Exit Questionnaires
  • Offers and contracts
  • Family friendly letters (maternity, paternity etc.)
  • Disciplinary invites
  • References

Employee Development

  • Employee onboarding programmes
  • Learning and development programmes
  • Succession planning programmes

and much much more…

In all cases we’ll:

  1. Document your requirements
  2. Develop a proposal for you to sign off on
  3. Design a solution that complies with legal and regulatory requirements, tailored to your needs
  4. Support you in the implementation of your solution
  5. Evaluate with you how well it went.